3 Ways to Mount Your Car Phone Holders


You shouldn’t use your phone while driving. But you don’t always know the directions! Or, you have a call to take along the way. Here, car phone holders come in pretty handy.

Phone holders are nothing but compact sturdy devices which hold your phone. With the phone set firm, you can focus more on the road and less on keeping the screen straight. If you plan to shop now, look at the comfiest stands available by UGREEN.

Top 3 Ways to Mount Your Phone with Car Phone Holders

#1. Magnetic Sticky Dashboard Mount

Magnetic mounts are best for dashboard placements. UGREEN’s magnetic sticky mount features 4 powerful neodymium magnets with super sticky 3M adhesive, allowing a 360 rotation.

The installation is super simple. First, you need to clean the dashboard with alcohol to remove dirt. Wait till it dries. Meanwhile, stick the provided disk to the back of your phone. Now attach the base of the stand to the dashboard and stick your phone on it. It works on flat surfaces and is best for phone models smaller than 7 inches.

#2. Dashboard Over-Head Mounts with Clips

As the name implies they attach to the dashboard covers like a clip. UGREEN offers clip phone holders as well. Unlike magnetic phone holders, they don’t need an installation. It’s more like a set-and-use holder.

Press the outer end of the holder to open the clip. Slide the holder onto your car’s dashboard cover nice and slow. Once done, test it by a mild pull if it’s firmly set or not. Next, press the flat side of the holder touching the dashboard cover. It opens like a hair clip. Slide your phone in and firmly close the clip.

Clip holders are only suitable for cars with covered dashboards. The holders are made from high-quality ABS materials and can tolerate temperature ranges -from 20℃ to 90℃. These holders are fit for dashboard overheads only.

Attaching a clip phone holder to a coverless dashboard or a short dashboard cover results in an unsteady hold. Ultimately, your phone may fall out if you come across a speed breaker or apply a hard brake.

#4. Phone Mounts for Vents

Did the strong magnetism of the magnetic holders and the firm grip of the clip holder attract you? UGREEN has the answer in the form of a magnetic vent phone holder. A car holder incorporating 4 built-in magnets to ensure adsorption and prevent falls.

The name is self-explanatory. This means you need to fix the clip in your car’s AC vent with zero installation. The Steel made base is covered with rubber covers to prevent scratching the vent blades which make it stylish, compact, and reliable. The UGREEN’s magnetic clip vent holder is no doubt a smart investment.


Car phone holders are a necessity now. Businesses, interview calls, or even going to a new city are incomplete without a phone but using your phone while driving is prohibited. Here, car phone holders hop into the scene.

There are various shapes and adjustments available. However, magnetic ones are a top preference due to their easy setup. Therefore, UGREEN manufactures some great car phone holders to ease your troubles. Be it a magnetic build or a suction one. They have them all.


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