What to Look Out For When Buying Your Intel Laptop


Everyone has an idea of the type of laptop they want. If you ask any average laptop user, they will most likely choose the i7 intel laptop. Most people, may not exactly understand what it means to own or use an intel laptop. They just choose this laptop because it is popular. Research and statistics back up this claim as Intel processors accounted for 65% of laptop processors tested within the first three months of 2022. These figures indicate how common these laptops are worldwide. The demands of laptops with Intel processors are on the rise, therefore laptop brands are moving to create more devices with these specifications. However, it is one thing for your processor to be good, it’s entirely different to have your dream laptop.

For you to need an i7 Intel laptop, it means you intend to use your laptop for some job. You may be a graphics designer, a software developer, or a gamer. Regardless, your laptop specifications should not only stop at the processor. You need to know about the display properties of the laptop, as well as the battery, portability, and other features. That is why we strongly recommend the 2021 model of the Honor Magicbook Laptop as your laptop choice. The features and specifications of the laptop compared to the price is the main reason why this laptop is an amazing choice. In this guide, we will compare what to look out for when choosing your laptop. Some of the features include;

Quick charging

Most of the time, the main reason why we will choose a laptop over a desktop is the battery. We want a device that will keep working even when there is a minimal outage in electricity. Also, we want that device that you can take anywhere at any time. In that case, you should lookout for a laptop that charges quickly. That way, you can rest assured that as long as you can plug your laptop over a while, you are good to go for some time. For instance, the Honor Magicbook Laptop charges 68% within an hour.

Battery Life

Buying a laptop without a good battery life is more or less a wasted effort. The battery life of your laptop is what differentiates it from the desktop. Although the battery life depends on the programs being run on the laptop simultaneously, the laptop battery life is important.

Data security

Cybersecurity is becoming a part of computer science that is becoming popular. On your laptop, there are loads of folders, documents, and credentials that are for your eyes alone. You can always keep this information safe on the laptop. But it will only take a hacker a matter of time before he gets all the information. What you can do in replacement of this is to hinder the hacker from getting into the laptop. Of course, setting a password is a good way but it isn’t the best. Anyone can be watching you type in your password, and you never know who you have told your password to before now. The Honor Magic book has a smooth fingerprint system that enables you to use your fingerprint to open your computer. That way, there is no need for password sharing.

Quick work experience (multiscreen)

Sometimes, you are rushing, but you need a bit of focus to go through your current work. At these rush hours, it becomes annoying trying to minimize and maximize the different pages you are working on. With the multiscreen collaborator on the Honor Magic Book, you have the liberty to work on different apps, including your phone.


There are many other perks of choosing the Honor-magicbook14 laptop. But even if you choose another laptop, ensure it has great Speakers, core i7 Intel, and a beautiful design.


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