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    How To Spot A Fake iPhone From An Original One

    Apple’s iPhone range of smart devices is one of the most popular brands of phones in the world. Black and Jet Black device models always sell out within a short period after being launched....

    Christmas Party Organisers Going Online

    The internet as you probably already realize is the only way to find information at the touch of button, easily and quickly. Christmas party organisers have used the internet for years now to optimize...

    Smartwatch Review: Honor Watch ES

    The Honor Watch ES was launched on the 7th of September alongside the Honor Watch GS Pro. The smartwatch comes in three different colors; coral pink, Icelandic white and meteorite black for both the casing and the...
    3.Switching Phones

    4 Things You Need To Do When Switching From Android to iPhone

    Compared to the mobile phone choices that we had a decade ago, the majority of available phones right now boils down to either an Android phone or an iOS. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. Some...

    Why everyone should have a phone case

    You did not spend all that money getting a new phone just to have it broken or scratched in a bit. A phone case can be likened to clothes for your phone. They protect...

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