Best Android Apps for HTC Droid Incredible


Get the list of Incredible Apps for the HTC Incredible certified by the Verizon and released via press release. The app is quite powerful, with a comprehensive search function that searches across all the listings and a voice credit feature that is cool but hardly as useful as one might imagine it to be at first. The HTC Droid Incredible is a feature crowded smartphone and with the right apps installed you will have the best Android phone currently available in the market. The HTC Incredible is one of the most impressive Android phones available with a gorgeous display, slick user interface, and lightning-fast processor.

HTC Droid Incredible:

NFL Mobile: NFL Mobile provides the latest news and information, including in-depth profiles of current players and draft prospects, team updates, mock drafts, expert analysis and more. NFL Mobile is free for a limited time.

Visual Voice mail: Instead of dialing in to voice mail, customers can use Visual Voice Mail to access and manage voice mail messages by scrolling through their inboxes to pick the messages they need to listen to, delete or reply to. Customers can choose to respond to their voice mails immediately via text message or callback.

Breadcrumbz: This free app allows customers to create personalized picture routes, which can be shared with friends. Using images, maps and voice markers, customers can build routes that go off road or inside buildings.

My Verizon : Use this free app to access your Verizon Wireless account to get balances, usage numbers and payment information and to update features, services and Family SharePlan® lines.


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