How To Manage The Battery Consumption In Sony Ericsson Phone


The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 has pleased almost all its users with the various features it has. Unfortunately, there is one complain which is made by almost every X10 user, the battery back-up. The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 has a powerful 1500MAh Li-Po battery. For the information of the X10 users, the battery doesn’t have any problem. The problem is with the optimization.

The result of this is that the standby time of X10 has become pathetic. In standby it lasts for hardly 16-19 hours. I have found these tips below in a web site Gamaze which extends the battery back-up of your Android phone to a great extent. Follow the below tips to enhance the battery performance of your X10.

1) Turn off the “Always-on” mobile data connection.
On the Home screen, select Menu => Settings => Wireless controls => Mobile network settings and turn off “Enable always-on mobile data”. This will make the biggest impact on battery life.

2) Disable Wireless network usage for positioning purposes
To disable this go to Menu => Settings => Location => Use wireless networks. This will turn off the “anonymous” Google location data collection that uses the wireless data connection frequently. Any app that will need a location will turn on the GPS separately. Please note that turning off wireless network usage for location purposes will stop the assistance provided to GPS hence, will take time.

3) Turn off “Background data” usage (but not if you use Google services!)
For doing this go to Menu => Settings => Data synchronization => Google => Background data. This will minimize background data usage that keeps the phone’s network connections active and use a lot of power during the day. Note! If you are using Gmail, Calendar and Contacts on your phone you need to have this enabled or it will disable automatic sync with Google online servers.

4) Always keep Wi-Fi off when not in use – automate this with Y5 Battery Saver
To disable Wi-Fi go to Menu => Settings => Wireless controls and turn off “Wi-Fi”. If you still want to use your Wi-Fi connection install the completely free Y5 Battery Saver application. It automatically turns off the Wi-Fi when out of range and enables it again when you are close to known access points to save battery life .

5) Always keep Bluetooth off when not in use
This tip is very common and nearly everyone knows about it. Go to Menu => Settings => Wireless controls and turn off “Bluetooth”.

6) Avoid usage of push or very frequent email polling – configure it to sync every 15 or more minutes
Mail sync frequency can be set through (Menu =>) All programs => Mail => “Menu” button => More => Settings => Send & Receive => Set Download frequency => e.g. Every 15 minutes (For X10 Menu=> Email=> Menu button=> Account settings=> Email check frequency). Keep the Mail size limit at 5 KB as larger downloads consume more battery power.

7) Turn off automatic Weather updates
If you have any weather update application in your phone then turn off the automatic updates of it. As the weather doesn’t change in minutes so keeping it off will save the battery power and when needed manually update it.

8 ) Set a reasonable update frequency for Twitter, Flicker and Facebook
Most of the users have social networking profiles in twitter, facebook and others. For this they download applications and most of the applications auto update in a regular time. For saving the battery power set a reasonable auto update frequency which won’t eat up the battery e.g 30mins.


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