Comprehensible Introduction to Huawei’s Core Kit


Huawei Mobile Service (HMS) is a platform of immense capabilities that includes a wide range of HMS core services, IDE tool platforms (testing and development), and applications for Huawei’s devices.

Let’s dive in into the exceptional Huawei Core Kit:

The HMS apps section features Huawei Assitant, Huawei Music, Huawei Video, Huawei Wallet, Huawei Browser, Huawei Cloud,  Huawei AppGallery, etc. 

Another way to approach this is by comparing Huawei’s HMS Core with Google’s GMS Core.

Huawei HMS Core Kit

The HMS Core kit by Huawei brings top of the line cloud features and open device support by Huawei’s Mobile Services. The Core Kit is split into three categories: monetization kit, growth kit, and development kit.  

HMS Core Development Kit

The development kit is beautifully optimized so that developers can rapidly build top quality apps at a meager cost.

· Awareness Kit: It helps your app work on another level by providing insights such as geographical location, headset status, the time of the day, and a lot more related to the user’s environment. 

· Site kit: The site kit offers a range of services related to the location of the users.  

· Account Kit: It provides a super-fast and secure signup/sign-in solution for app users. It is a two-factor authentication solution that offers a seamless sign-in experience for all users.  

· Game service: A range of in-depth services that allows you to focus on the gaming experience before anything else. 

· FIDO Kit: It allows you to authenticate each user via the HUAWEI FIDO2 identity security.

· Drive Kit: Seamless upload, download, and synchronization of various files. Furthermore, it enables searching and user notification. Users can easily manage their files (video, text, images, etc.) at any point in time without any restrictions. It is a top of the line cloud solution designed for users that appreciate speed and pragmatism. 

· Location Kit: It enables easy and fast access to user location. Plus, it provides fused geolocation.

· Identity kit: Fast address authorization

· Health Kit: Perfect for building a health app that manages the user’s fitness and health data

· Map Kit: Great solution for location-based services and personalized map display.

· ML Kit: It is designed for those interested in applying machine learning in their apps. The focus is on language services and vision.

· Scan Kit: Conveniently access barcodes and QR

· Safety Detection Kit: It offers multiple checks for a secure app.

· Panorama Kit: App users can interact with simulated 3D space and images featuring a panoramic view. 

· Nearby service kit: it enables your app to be in communication with devices in its proximity. 

Huawei Growth Kit

Grow your user base and increase user’s engagement

· Push Kit: Enables optimal responsiveness and targeting in the process of engaging end-users.

· Dynamic Tage Manager: Analyze and manage key advertisement campaigns 

· Analytics kit: This is a one-stop platform designed to analyze and collect data efficiently. 

Huawei Monetization Kit

Increase your value by accessing several channels

· Wallet kit: This is an all-in-one wallet digital kit.

· In-app purchases: This is an excellent solution for increased revenue through a global payment service.

· Ads kit: Top of the line ads for maximum monetization of your traffic.


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