How Huawei App Gallery Can Be of Help to Your Business


Being featured in Huawei App Gallery is quite important for marketers and businesses. That is because it provides them another opportunity to implement their marketing strategies. The truth is that being featured offers a lot of potential for your apps to get more visibility and downloads. In this way, it results in reduced acquisition costs, higher revenues, and more users.

With the recent developments in Huawei, it is evident that the company is dedicated to providing a unique user experience. This helps change how people utilize available mobile products. Therefore, mobile developers ought to know the changing App Gallery review guidelines. That is because they have an impact on the privacy and security of Huawei device users.

It is possible to get your app chosen for promotion. Fortunately, there are other options that can help you market your app. There are many advantages of getting your app featured in the App Gallery. Moreover, businesses and developers can use some strategies to improve their opportunities for getting featured.

Where to Be Featured in App Gallery

You should note that Huawei App Gallery offers several touchpoints that can help to get new apps to the users. For instance, the touchpoints can be personalized, whereas others are general. There are different benefits of being featured in different categories.

Users can check new apps in the App Gallery. They can even check the trending and popular ones. Depending on your business needs, you can determine the right place to get featured. You should note that Huawei has editors that check apps that are added to its App Gallery. You can find lists for different categories such as gaming, news, and more. In this case, each list has apps related to the given theme. Therefore, it is advisable to leverage these lists to get users who have an interest in what you offer.

Reasons to be Featured in Huawei App Gallery

Ideally, the opportunity of being featured should be considered as a unique marketing tool. Other than providing favorable outcomes, it offers you an opportunity to get user feedback. In this way, you can build up the user base and enjoy high retention rates. These are some of the reasons you should consider being featured in the Huawei App Gallery.

Higher Revenue

Although higher-visibility increases the chances of having your app downloaded, the download numbers are only useful if they increase your revenue. Therefore, it is advisable to use in-app purchases as one of your monetization strategies.

Low Acquisition Costs

The amount of money spent by a marketer to promote an app is called acquisition cost. The main purpose of spending money is to increase visibility, increase downloads, and get users. As you know, user acquisition is quite important when it comes to the success of mobile apps. However, it requires effort, money, resources, and time. When your app is featured in Huawei App Gallery, it has a higher chance of being downloaded.


By having your theme featured, you improve its visibility. It is advisable to get your app to the appropriate audience. That is because users can only be effective when they download your app and use it. With more qualified users, your app can be quite interesting and increase its retention rates. This has a direct bearing on app success and growth.


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