Smartwatch Review: Honor Watch ES


The Honor Watch ES was launched on the 7th of September alongside the Honor Watch GS Pro. The smartwatch comes in three different colors; coral pink, Icelandic white and meteorite black for both the casing and the band. Honor watch ES has more fitness and health-oriented in comparison to its previous counterparts. Thus, Honor company branded it the “fashion fitness” timepiece.

Fitness features

  • This time machine has 95 modes of workout you can pick from exercise mode. These modes include outdoor and indoor exercises that comprise running, cycling, yoga, and swimming.
  • Moreover, there are 12 guided fitness courses to choose from.

The course is suited with an animated fitness instructor to guide you

  • 44 different exercise moves in animated technology.
  • The Honor Watch ESis also equipped with a heart rate monitor that keeps track of your heart rate during exercises.

The monitor lets you know whether you are burning fat or even when the exercise is too intense, and you need to take a break.

  • The timer is also fitted with an oxygenated blood monitor that records the oxygen level in your blood.
  • Furthermore, a post-workout guide makes personalized recommendations after gauging your heart rate and other indicators.

Health tracker

The watch contains the female cycle tracker that detects your cycles’ frequency and predicts when the next one comes.

Weight and size

  • The Honor Watch ES screen makes up of 70% of the entire watch
  • the screen is 1.64 inches of AMOLED displaywith a resolution of 456 by 280.
  • The smartwatch weighs 21g is 10.7mm thick.

Price of the Honor Watch ES

  • The Honor Watch is priced at $120, a pretty affordable price for a smartwatch.

Battery life

  • The battery can last up to 10 days when fully charged.
  • It takes about 30 minutes to charge the battery fully.
  • Protection against weather elements.

Watch face design and display.

  • The smartwatch’s screen automatically comes to life when you tilt or raise your wrist and sleeps when you drop your wrist
  • The smart timepiece allows you to set any photo of your choice as your watch’s face.
  • You can similarly customize the main display by selecting your data to display. The “always-on display” mode allows you to check both the time your personalized data anytime, anywhere.

Music control

  • The watch automatically picks up Spotifyfrom your smartphone and lets you control the music right from your wrist. Imagine working out along your awesome playlist with the control directly on your wrist; sounds fantastic!


  • The smartwatch has up to 50 meters of water protection.


  • The smartwatchoffers a wide range of workout modes. This quality makes the timepiece magnificently suited for health and fitness purposes.


  • The design is not very aesthetically pleasing.
  • The color range is a little too limited for fashionably outgoing people.
  • You can’t reply to messages using the watch; no supported messaging app.
  • The button on the side is not very much pronounced like one should be, making it difficult to operate.

Final Thoughts

With the endless modes of workout, the fitness courses and the 24/7 heart rate monitor, the Honor Watch entirely lives up to the “fitness” part of its brand name, “fashion fitness”. Honor very much cares for its users’ health and lifestyles with such advanced health and fitness features. However, one or two improvements to the outward appearance of the watch would not hurt.


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